So, what is this thing called AnyGig?

 What is is like an on-line press kit where entertainers can display their talents in order to receive more bookings. Members of AnyGig have their own profile which they can manage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Member profiles display bio information, rate information, music, videos, a calendar of events (Gigs), as well as an on-line CD store. Patrons of the site (entertainment buyers) that are looking for live entertainment for their event have the ability to contact entertainers by using our on-line booking tools. AnyGig will help you get more gigs!

Does book gigs for me?

No, AnyGig is not a party to the booking agreement and in no way solicits contracts for its members. displays your profile so that entertainment buyers can find you and book you. In addition you can actively send out your AnyGig profile as a “press kit” to prospective entertainment buyers and venues. The rest however, is truly up to you. You are only limited now by how many entertainment buyers or venues you reach out to.


How much is an Membership?

Currently we are offering a free one year Professional Membership to the first 100 members! Typically an membership varies from a Free Basic Membership to $99 per year for a Professional Membership. All memberships are automatically renewing, even if you have a Free Basic Membership. You are not committed to any contracts or minimum pay periods and you can cancel at any time.

How can I earn a Free One Year Professional Membership to

Well, as stated above we are offering a free one year Professional Membership, once that offer expires we will be starting our referral program. As an AnyGig member you can easily earn a Free One Year Professional Membership if you refer 10 or more new members.

Why should you use

  • If you need more gigs.
  • If you want to increase your exposure
  • If you are looking for a cost effective marketing alternative to costly will give you the ability to get more gigs. This means more exposure, which translates into money in your pocket. A One Year Professional Membership to AnyGig costs $99.00, if you can book one $300 performance by using AnyGig then the rest is money in the bank.

Does charge a commission fee for gigs that are booked using the site?

No. AnyGig does not charge commission on ANY performance booked through the website. You are free to receive as my booking as you can get. All bookings that are received through AnyGig are 100% commision free!

How Do I become a Featured Artist?

Every month we choose a Featured Artist to be displayed on our Main page. In order to become a featured artist you MUST have a bio picture, biography, and two songs uploaded to your AnyGig profile. The artists that meet the minimum requirements will be randomly chosen, so there is no real scientific method to it. It’s basically like pulling a name out of a hat.

If you want to see what AnyGig is all about go to

Do you have a question that is not listed above?

Send us an e-mail to

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